Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

Trip to Dragon Village

Yesterday I with  social classes go to the village dragon, precisely in the district tasikmalaya
we departed at 07.00 with a bus ride, a trip that we had traveled for two hours to reach the temple Cangkuang, driveway access to the temple is very narrow so that the bus camgkuang we must guard by a motorcycle taxi driver.
Finally we reached the temple Cangkuang, to get to the temple we have to climb the first raft that can accommodate 10-15 people, after that we arrived at the temple, where we were introduced relics of ancient historical relics, temples Cangkuang origin, and there are also unique there kampung pulo whose population is only 7 heads of the family, because his house was only 7, is said by the story of the house is inherited from the grandparent dalem arief muhammad, the boy is symbolized by the building of mosques and six daughters denoted by building the same house, in in the house should not be more than one head of the family, if married then had to get out of the village.
before continuing our journey a brief stop at a cipanas meal, to eat, pray and rest.
12.30 we continue the journey to the village dragon with paths winding, at 14.00 we reached the village of the dragon, and then with a guided tour guide as we walked into the village dragon with down 439 stairs, where all the buildings house is still the same, with a separate bathroom Furthermore, there has been no electricity so wear petromaks or small lamps for illumination, livelihood people of farming communities and making craft, some are selling food,
There's access to schools and hospitals had to go upstairs or out of the village, where there is one forbidden forest and one sacred forest where pohgon fallen although there should not be disturbed for any reason at all, if it happens there will be a catastrophe.
there all the buildings are made of bamboo, people are still very primitive and still holds a strong customary, but all Islamic religion.
After the completion of our dragons surrounding villages went home by climbing 439 stairs, really tiring journey but also fun.
At 17:00 we return with a brief stop in the town of Garut to rest and buy by.
And finally at 21:00 we got a few photos in the village bandung.




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