Rabu, 17 Februari 2016


Education is the gateway to a better life to the fight for the smallest things to the biggest things that normally would be passed by every human being. Education is the provision to pursue all targeted by someone in his life to no education, then logically all of his dreams will be very difficult to be realized.
 In fact, not everyone is educated successful in his career, but if done comparing the educated people are still much more that can be tasted success than those who never taste education, both formal and non-formal education. Education is a tool for self-development, mental, mindset and also the quality of a person.
Many things can be done to realize the character education in schools. The concept of the character is not quite serve as a point in the syllabus and lesson plan in schools, but it must be more than that, run and practiced. Begin by learning to obey the school rules, and enforce that discipline. Schools must make character education as a value system that developed well in school are realized in the examples and real appeal that was shown by educators in schools in everyday school activities
In addition, no less important in public education. Community environment is also greatly affects the person's character. The public environment greatly affects the success of planting values - ethics, aesthetics for the formation of character. According Qurais Shihab, social situations with the value system espoused, influence the attitudes and perspectives of society as a whole. If the system of values and their view is limited to the now and here, the efforts and ambitions are limited to the same thing.
 Finally, with an education that can improve all the potential intelligence of the nation's children, and based on the educational character, expected the nation's children in the future will have high competitiveness to live in peace and prosperity in line with the other nations of the world are increasingly advanced and civilized.

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